All in the K-State Family

A few weeks ago, one of our FMG crew members – Robin Kleine – was asked to be part of the K-State Ag Family Fund buyers group at the American Royal Junior Premium Livestock Auction. As a proud K-State grad and a big proponent of youth livestock programs, she was happy to give to such a good cause.

We recently visited with Chelsea Good, one of the founders of the group.

She shares some details about the group and how you can start something similar for a premium auction of your choice. Not many of us have the resources to buy an entire animal at such a prestigious event, but by rallying together a group of K-State diehards, they were able to make a difference!

Thanks for the your time Chelsea —

1.    Where did the idea come from for starting the Ag Family Fund?
The idea for the fund stemmed from a desire to get involved in the American Royal Junior Premium Livestock Auction but at the same time having limited resources to do so. K-State alumni started talking about how we could pool resources to make this happen.

2.    Why did you want to get involved?
Our motivation was focused on having a positive influence in the lives of youth livestock exhibitors. 

For me, and many others, showing livestock prepared us for college in a couple key ways.

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First, you learn about responsibility and work ethic taking care of animals. You also develop a drive to succeed in the show ring. These attributes translate well into collegiate and professional success.

Money made showing livestock also helped put me through college, and the same was true for many of my friends and colleagues.

We wanted to encourage and incentivize the next generation of young people engaged in this rewarding activity. The American Royal Junior Premium Livestock Auction is a great way to do this.

3.    What are the goals of the group?
The groups? main goal is to make a positive influence for exhibitors and the American Royal Junior Premium Livestock Auction. We aim to grow in size and funds in order to do this. We also have a secondary goal to represent Kansas State well. Ultimately, it?d be great if in addition to adding to exhibitors? college funds, the group helps young people see that K-State is a welcoming, exciting place for students to go to learn.

4.    How has the group grown?
The group has expanded greatly in our first two years, and we see this trend continuing. Other K-Staters see what we?re doing and want to be a part of it. People also tell their friends and colleagues, so the network we?re pulling from is expanding.

5. How can other K-state grads get involved?
The group would happily welcome participation from others who would like to contribute and/or attend the sale with the group. Anyone interested can contact Chelsea Good ( /816-305-9540) or Tera Rooney Barnhardt ( / 620-353-4396).

6. Can you give a brief overview of what the group bought in 2013 and 2014?
In its first year, the group purchased the reserve champion goat for $4,100. The goat was exhibited by Cooper Bounds from Taneytown, MD. At the time Copper was a freshman on the livestock judging team at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas. We had some good conversations with him about K-State being a great place to transfer for senior college. We also bid on the champion goat exhibited by Skyler Scotten of Nevada, MO. Skyler has an older brother at K-State and it is one of the two schools he is interested in attending.

We also purchased a reserve division champion hog later on in the sale for $800. The hog was exhibited by Kennedy Richard of Camden, AR.

In 2014, we bought the following animals:

  • Lot 20 – Lamb – Karlyn Snider – Rhodes, IA – $3,000
  • Lot 40 – Lamb – Payton Dahmer – Nevada, MO – $1,100
  • Lot 45 – Steer – Chase Ratliff – Westphalia, KS – $4,000
  • Lot 56 – Hog – Dylan Cain – Chariton IA – $2,000
  • Lot 57 – Hog – Ashley Bowerman – Lafayette, IN – $1,750

We also added on $100 each to the following exhibitors:

  • Lot 10 – Brooke Jensen – Courtland KS – Steer
  • Lot 11 – Brayden Werth – Ellis, KS – Steer
  • Lot 13 – Jason Bedwell – New Richmond, IN (Sister is currently at K-State) – Hog
  • Lot 22 – Andrew Hoges – Lebo, KS – Steer
  • Lot 26 – Ben Jensen – Courtland KS – Steer
  • Lot 33 – Brody Nemecheck – Iola KS – Hog
  • Lot 35 – Trace Mulligan – Scott City, KS ? Hog
Res. Grand Goat in 2013.

In addition to purchasing animals, both years we bid on many animals, helping keep the prices up throughout the sale.

7. For other groups or alumni groups interested in starting their own buyers groups, walk us through the process of registering for the event.
The American Royal makes it very easy to participate in the Auction as a buyers group. Simply contact Karrie Manley ( with the American Royal to begin receiving information about next year?s sale. We register on sale night under the buyers? group name, K-State Ag Family Fund, and then each person pays that night or is billed by the Royal for their contribution to the fund that year.

8. Besides the actual sale, is there a chance for the buyers to interact with the kids who make the sale before or after? Are you able to talk about your school or past livestock experiences?
People representing the K-State Ag Family Fund come to the sale early to mingle with kids who have made the sale. The Royal structures this as a time where the kids are standing with their sale livestock ready to interact with buyers. It?s a great opportunity to talk to them about their show experience and future plans, which we hope includes attending K-State. Often, the conversation also leads to sharing about our own show, educational, and professional experiences.

9. As a past junior livestock exhibitor, how can groups like the K-State Ag Family Fund benefit the livestock industry?
The obvious benefit is helping incentivize youth engaged in showing livestock and adding to their college funds.

However, I think the long-term benefit could be much broader. Groups like the K-State Ag Family Fund are a great example of the collegial environment at K-State Ag and in the agriculture industry as a whole.

I hope that the students can see this and it encourages them to be involved in the livestock industry long term. Wouldn?t it be great if down the road exhibitors we purchase from become K-State Ag Family Fund members themselves?


Thanks to Chelsea and friends to putting together a successful buying campaign at this year’s American Royal and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in 2015.