7 Steps to a Less Stressful Sale

DON’T PANIC … but Fall Sale Season is right around the corner.

We’ve been getting several calls, texts and emails daily to schedule with FMG, and that is awesome! [Keep the calls coming, we like having a plan.]

When people call, they also ask “WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO GET MY CALVES SOLD?”

  1. Book your photographer early. For example, if you know you are having an October 15th sale with “XYZ Cattle Sales”, give us a call and share that information. We might not be able to give you an exact date for your picture and video day YET, but we will get you on our list and make sure one of our talented photographers can work with you. [To book a shoot with a Focus Marketing Group Field Staff member, you can reach out personally to any of the team members listed here or use this handy form — bit.ly/bookashoot.]

    Early calf photo from DeNeui Club Calves – SD

  2. Websites – use them! Once you set a sale date, you should share the details with your website coordinator / social media manager. That way, they can get the information added to your site. For the purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a website is important. If a potential customer sees offhandedly that you are having a sale and Googles “Smith Show Cattle,” you’re going to want your information to show up at the top. Often, people want to do a little bit of research about the operation, etc. before purchasing a calf.If you want to redesign your site, or build your first ever website … NOW IS THE TIME. Websites take time — sometimes 2-3 months — and teamwork to be completed and live on the internet, so you’ll want to get added to the work que ASAP. [For a website quote from FMG — bit.ly/FMGfreequote]


  3. Advertise. We can’t tell you which avenues work the best — it depends on your operation & budget — but there are several ways you can reach out to both returning and new customers. Right now, several of our customers are working on ads for the upcoming State Fair issues of all the popular livestock publications. We believe ads in these publications are important, as they are seen by thousands of people (both young showmen and the decision makers — parents and grandparents).Other avenues to consider are direct mail (collect names and addresses of everyone that comes to view cattle every year to start a mailing list, or use a list from your local cattlemen’s association, etc.), e-blasts (state cattlemen’s organizations, online sale hosts and national magazines will offer these services), social media (this is another post for another day, but paid advertising on Facebook can do great things!) and local advertising (consider hanging up flyers in gas stations, at shows, in sale barns, etc).
  4. Use your resources. If you’re working with an online sale host, pick the brain of your sale representative. They might have other ways to more specifically promote your sale, including premium auction add-ons. If your neighbor is having a sale the same weekend, ask if you can say on your advertising “only 20 minutes away from Jones Angus” to try to drive more foot traffic.
  5. Register your cattle before picture/video day. Specifically those selling pedigreed cattle. Buyers will want to see EPD info, etc. on each lot you are offering. Plus, if you are creating a catalog this will save some headache for the designer as well. [Remember your busy sale season is EVERYONE’S busy sale season, and association processing takes time!]
  6. Be ready to write your footnotes. You’ll want to do this before or as soon as you get your pictures/videos back from the photographer. The quicker you get all the sale information up on your sale host or your website, the sooner people can make plans to see them in person OR call you with any questions. Also remember to send all of this information onto your website coordinator as well ASAP.
  7. Reach out to past buyers personally. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, text message or an email. Our suggestion here is to use the form of communication you use with them most frequently, and remember that a 79 year old grandpa might not want a text message.

Our FMG crew would be happy to assist in any and all aspects of your fall sale!

We offer photography/videography, print & web design as well as social media management. [Give us a call at 641.780.8804 or email office@focusmarketinggroup.net.]