3,000 Instagram Followers

We are big fans of Instagram. 

We started our account August 1, 2013 and in the mean time we’ve amassed more than 3,000 Instagram followers.

As a business based in photography, we enjoy telling “our story” through images. We also like that Instagram is easily connected to our other social media accounts — Facebook & Twitter.

Because our crew is constantly on the go, we also like that Instagram is an entirely mobile friendly social medium. Sure, you can view accounts online (like ours @focusmarketinggroup), but Instagram is best viewed on your smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t already, go ahead and follow us now 🙂

In a recent article from Forbes, Survey Says Teenagers Prefer Instagram Over Facebook, we confirmed that Instagram popularity was growing. According to the report, “The survey was given to 7,200 teenagers across 41 states that live in homes with an average income of $59,000. The participants were 47% female and 53% male. Instagram was voted as the favorite social media network and the iPhone as the preferred device.”

Many of our followers are indeed teenagers and college-aged young adults. But, we’re happy to engage these folks with our content. Soon, these individuals will the ones making decisions on their farm or ranch about livestock marketing and we want to be their go-to source!

Some of our favorite posts include images captured by our FMG crew members, inspirational quotes and videos of cute animals doing cute things.

We want to thank everyone who has liked, shared, followed and commented on our Instagram posts. If you still like to use “old fashioned” Facebook, make sure you LIKE us there — www.facebook.com/gotfocus. We’re having a nice little contest and have two jackets just ready to go to their new owners!

What’s your favorite social network? Please share below in the comments and tell us why.