2019 Maine & Chi Jr. Nationals: Crew

Our #FMGcrew is off and moving at the 2019 Maine & Chi Jr. Nationals — Double Down in Des Moines!

We are LOVING this year’s theme! Time to place your bets!

At the show this year, we have crew members Wyatt DeVries, Kendall Harsh, Robin Kleine & Riley Zoss. We’ll also have an extra special (returning!) intern Joclyn Bushman joining us later this week.

Our best smiles!
Our “regular” appearances …

As always, be sure to stop us and point out your kids. We always do our best to get candids of everyone in action, but with so many exhibitors it’s not exactly easy.

We’re doing our best to stay caught up with edits, and will post them as we go on our website. Check them out here!

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